Look out for “Eat Pray Love”

It’s unlikely that the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller is unfamiliar to you but just how good her book is may be. Eat Pray Love is one of the ‘most’ books I’ve ever read: most entertaining, most informative, most inspiring, most funny, most unforgettable. You may be wondering why I have only read Eat Pray Love now. Well, the honest answer is that it’s not the sort of thing I usually go for, what with all the leave-your-home-and-find-yourself billing its gotten from the likes of Oprah.

This is what Eat Pray Love is about, but it is so much more than that as well. Elizabeth Gilbert’s story is one to which we can all relate: finding herself feeling trapped in her reality and wondering whether there is more to life. Most of us feel instinctively that there is but are too lazy, frightened or apathetic to find out what that something more is. Liz Gilbert actually went out into the world with the express purpose of experiencing some of the most profound things the world has to offer – and she finds them.

Eat Pray Love is written in an engaging tone which makes you feel like Liz is sitting in the room recounting her experiences as a story. The book is written in a series of 108 tales and is divided into the three places where she lived during her year of travel: Italy, India and Indonesia. Each place held a different experience for Liz which correspond with the three words in the title.

In each place Liz has experiences which make you want to go out and do something unusual. The characters which populate her pages seem to welcome the reader in as friends as well as we come to know them through Liz’s vivid prose.

There is a cliche which allows a book to change one’s life. I like to avoid cliches at all costs, but I cant help but feel that this time, the cliche may actually apply. I have found myself being inspired to live a more attentive life after reading Eat Pray Love and I urge you to read it, too. Whether you are looking for entertainment, inspiration, a good laugh or a travel memoir, Eat Pray Love ticks all the boxes of a rewarding read.

Oh, you may also be wondering how exactly a novel written by an American about Italy, India and Indonesia links up with Durban… Well, we have some of the best Italian food outside Italy here (think Spiga d’Oro), one of the biggest populations of Hindus outside India (and consequently some of the best Yoga and meditation teachers) and beaches to rival those discovered by Liz on her road trip around Bali, Indonesia so it is entirely possible to recreate a tiny portion of Eat Pray Love right here in Durbs-by-the-sea! Enjoy (the book and recreating it)!