Yesterday I promised you a little more on some of the wares available at ikhaya. One of my favourite product lines (for want of a better term as there is nothing “production line” about the lovingly made items here) is Lisa&Jo Stationery.

Lisa Dixon and Joanne Coelho both have successful careers but have been talking about creating and marketing their own stationery for years. A friend’s suggestion that they meet for a weekly creativity night to create products for the i♥market finally gave them the impetus they needed to get started and Lisa&Jo was born. Their range of stationery has been very successful at the i♥market with new items to admire and take home each month.

Some of the items available are unique hand-drawn stamps, quirky notebooks, creativity sets made up of bits and bobs collected on world-wide travels and prettily packaged first aid and sewing kits which will make even the mundane tasks of life magical.

I was particularly delighted by the assertion that “everyone can draw” on some of the packaging as I certainly like to think so (even if all my drawings look like the doodlings of a three-year-old.) It is in fact details like this on the pretty brown paper and black packaging which makes Lisa&Jo stationery so desirable.

Lisa&Jo stationery is available at the i♥market on the first Saturday of every month but if you need a fabulous gift or a treat for yourself before then, a limited range is available at ikhaya.

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