Durban Diva is in the fairest Cape at the moment, hence the scarcity of posts! I will be back at my desk, bringing you the best of Durban on Friday.

Until then, I thought I would mention some of the Durban design I have come across in Cape Town, some of which I have written about before.

Whimsy has made a mark particularly at The Rhubarb Room, which took Whimsy sketches, brooches, greeting cards and gift wrap to Kamersvol Geskenke (the I heart market on steriods!) There were several people gazing admirably. I also found Whimsy in Hermanus at Pure South a gallery and gift shop. What a delight to spot a swan and robot brooch peeking out at me.

The Waterfront can now boast as a stockist of one of Durban’s most successful designers – Lou Harvey. You’ll find all the favourites at Lou&Me: baby bags, bibs, cooler bags and laptop bags all in Lou’s signature bright fabrics. If you’re in Durban, pop in to the Lou Harvey showroom in Bura Centre near Westridge Tennis Stadium or Luxury at La Lucia Mall.

I hope some of you made it to the Miss Moneypenny open day on Saturday. I was in Cape Town so had to make do with the beautiful items Miss Moneypenny supplies to India Jane in Kalk Bay. This is the first place I ever came across Miss Moneypenny’s sartorial delights and I am assured that there are new devotees being created every day. I remember being a broke university student staring with longing at the perfect outfit for the res ball: a Miss Moneypenny dress at India Jane. Eventually I begged my mom to send a donation!

I am in Cape Town until Thursday so will continue to be on the lookout for Durban talent in Cape Town. I have been interested to see that although Cape Town has more boutiques and design stores, Durban is certainly not lagging behind and if I’ve seen something in Cape Town that I haven’t in Durban, I can think of plenty that Durban has the up on. I shall continue loving both cities equally like mothers love children, keeping in mind that Durban’s fragile self-confidence means it needs a little extra attention…