Prince Charles has recently promoted the concept of wearing vintage and second hand clothes – an odd celebrity-endorsement, granted – but the concept is one that deserves thinking about. Most of us buy stacks of new clothes every year and quickly get tired of them when we move on to a new look. What if, instead of buying new clothes all the time, we could swap clothes with others thus recycling clothes?

In The Thrift Collection, Pippa and Meg, two stylish Durbanites, have made this concept a possibility for us sustainablity (or style!) concious ladies. The Thrift Collection’s description on their blog is: “2nd hand fashion concept based in Durban: previously-owned clothing and accessories without the vintage price tag.” The idea is that you contact Pippa or Meg to sell your clothes. They buy them off you and then post them on their blog as part of a collection (named such lovely old-fashioned things as Peggy, Audrey and Betty). The clothes are beautifully presented and very reasonably priced.

The Thrift Collection has also started to sell “kitsch-cool goodies for the home” which have proved quite a hit and a great alternative to the mass-produced items in chain stores.

The Thrift Collection is primarily an online boutique but they do sell at the i heart market on the first Saturday of every month. When I chatted to Pippa and Meg there, they were really excited to have packaged their first order to send to Australia! Their blog is also a treasure-trove of delights. To find out more, visit (all pics courtesy of the blog as well!)