There was much upset when Kloof eatery Vanille closed its doors earlier this year. In its place however has appeared a worthy successor: Bellevue Cafe. Situated in Bellevue Road, the restaurant is attached to Fat Tuesday shop and gallery and is one of those spots that have a buzzing atmosphere and good food. Owned by the team behind Hillcrest’s very successful Aubergine restaurant, Bellevue comes with impeccable credentials.

The industrial feel of the place as well as the high ceilings have the potential to be cold and unfeeling but it is testament to the friendly staff and talent of the interior designer that these elements combine to create a space which is light and airy and quite homely. I felt very comfortable settled at a table drinking tea and reading the paper. 

If you have a weakness for pastry, consider this fair warning: a mouth-watering display is on show on a central table and it proved completely irresistible to me.

On this visit I have to admit to not having much more than a divine chocolate tart (partly because I had just had breakfast and partly because there is no way I can choose ‘real’ food over chocolate which is staring me in the face) but I will definitely be back soon to try some of the yummy-sounding offerings on the menu.  

One of the things that most intrigued me about the restaurant was that the clientele was not what I had expected. Bellevue is down the road from St Mary’s school and I expected the usual count of yummy mummies to be clustered at the tables. Although they were certainly represented, there were also several couples, some business breakfasters and a some young men. Clearly Bellevue offers something for everyone.

Bellevue Cafe 031 717 2780, 5 Bellevue Road, Kloof.