The Boxing Day Test Match has taken on legendary proportions in the imagination of Durbanites. Kingsmead is a wonderful ground for spectators and, if the weather co-operates ( which is always questionable), a day spent relaxing on the grassy banks of the oval is a fun and festive way to spend the day after Christmas.

The Boxing Day Test is a bit of a misnomer, however, as the cricket lasts for five days and so you can go and enjoy yourself just as much on the 27th, 28th, 29 and 30th! In fact, if you are fond of crazy antics and/or dressing up, this year the 28th is the best day to show up at the ground as it is Super Fans’ Day. The prize for the person judged to be the Super Fan is a trip to follow the Proteas around the sub-continent on their up-coming tour. A good reason to shed those inhibitions and dust off the crazy head gear, no? If over-the-top garb is not your style, you do still stand to win each afternoon simply by being at the ground during the afternoon tea break. Castle Lager is giving away R10 000 in cash to one lucky supporter by means of a draw which is based on the ticket numbers that have come through the gates during the day.

Obviously, the main attraction is the cricket and this year, South Africa is squaring up against India. The play yesterday was very good and by the time poor light ended the day, India had lost several wickets (183/6) and a grand time was had by all as we waved our free flags (handed out as we entered) enthusiastically to show our support for the boys in green. The odd mexican wave and dropped catch added to the excitement but I think the attraction of going to the cricket is that there is plenty of time to relax, eat, drink and be merry during the boring bits. If you are looking for lots of the drinking and merry-making part, go early to get a spot at Castle Corner.

Tickets are R60 and will probably be available at the gates with the current unpredictability of the weather. The day’s play starts at 10:00 but you can go into the ground from 8:00 to secure your spot on the grass.