So, after a slight lethargy-induced case of blog block, I am back with my first post of 2011! Can I hear a “Yay”? Right, so 2010 is gone and we have to continue with our lives beyond the noughties. I think that some people honestly believed that there was no life after 2010 having anticipated this year for what feels like decades. 2011 has arrived and I hope it will prove to be a great year, one of those that is better than you imagine.

First some pics of our great New Years Eve party at Hemingways in Davenport Road. The food was fabulous, the atmosphere buzzing and the service superb. The reastaurant went with a fifties theme and the placemats were old records. When things were starting to lag slightly, our waitor produced some tippex and we all had a ball decorating our records. A great time was had by all!

Little ol’ Durbs is still my home for 2011 but my sister is off to live in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday! My mom and I are going to be packing our suitases for a visit in the next few weeks, too, so Durban Diva will become Durban Sheila for a bit and I hope you will enjoy reading about a different city for a couple of weeks. Until then, though, I will keep you updated about exciting excursions in my ‘hood.

I thought I’d start the year off with a brief summary of some of the things I intend to do this year. I’ll write about them all in more detail when I’ve done each one but this should give you an idea of what is going to be happening in the life of Durban Diva in 2011.

Top of my Durban to do list is a visit to uShaka to ride the slides. I have never been to the waterpark and in this heat I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than wizzing down water slides and laning with a splash in the huge, cool pools at the bottom. You may be wondering why I have never been – suffice to say it has to do with an incient involving lost glasses at the bottom of a slide in Disney World. This is not funny when you are functionally blind. I have had my eyes lasered since then, however, and will now actually make it to the top of the slide without falling up the stairs or over small children. I will admit to fancying an hour or so of floating around the lazy river on a tube, too. The secret to a good day at the waterpark, a very sage seven-year-old once told me is to go early and wear suntan lotion on your nose, so I will be there as the gates open with ‘screen on my schnozz at some stage soon.

I have also resolved not to eat out at average restaurants this year but to save for some splurges at Durban’s finest establishments thus Harveys, 9th Avenue Bistro and Cafe 1999 are on my agenda for special occasions in 2011. All famous in their own right, these seem to be the big three of epicurian delight in Durbs so I hope to report back soonest.

I have been threatening to go on the Heritage Bus, having loved the Arts Bus and have set aside a Saturday to learn more about the history of the city. I am battling a bit to find out if the bus is still running in 2011 but I’m crossing fingers and will keep you posted (excuse the pun!) Speaking of tours, Street Scene Tours apparently run fantastic tours of the city with experienced, knowledgeable guides who are passionate about their home town. Their website has such a young, fun, vibey feel that I hope will translate to the main event. I’ll let you know! There are several different tours available but I fancy the Township Scene as this is one area of my city that I don’t know at all.

I would also like to take a trip down to ‘Toti to the new shopping centre, Galleria. The main attraction for me, aside from the shops obviously, is the ice rink which has “real ice,” yes, folks, REAL ice. I loved to skate as a kid, even as an adult really, but the run-down Durban Ice Rink has put me off in recent years as it was ruining my childhood memories. This new rink therefore excites me no end and I’ll be down there soon with my skates slung over my shoulder. I wonder if I can still jump… hmmm….

My other resolution is to spend more time on the beach. There are so many people who wait all year for their week at the seaside and I take it for granted that the sand and surf is only minutes away from my home.

Shew, that is a lot to get through and I hope it has given you some ideas to start the year. Happy 2011! May it be a year of Durban discoveries for you.