Those of you who have lived in the UK will know that there is no place like home but that there are things in the UK which are just better. Now, no one can import Topshop, or the whole of Oxford Street for that matter, but certain sweets and toiletries can be brought to South Africa and that’s exactly what the UK Emporium has done.

Situated in the basement at Granada Centre in Umhlanga, I stumbled on the UK Emporium quite by accident and what a lovely surprise it was. Most people would call me a chocoholic but I think that is too crude a term: I would rather term myself a chocolate connoisseur. I love chocolate but I am fairly discerning in my tastes. English Cadbury’s, for instance, tastes very different from South African Cadbury’s. There are all sorts of different choccies in the UK, too. One of my favourites is Wispa and I love the Aero Balls you get in a packet. The UK Emporium has these and more: Fry’s, Terrys, Shreddies, Hula Hoops and Hartley’s are all there.

The other thing I liked was the book at the counter which allows you to suggest things you would like them to import.

They have a variety of goods from soap to cereal so go along if there is something you are hankering after or if you’d simply like to try something new. The prices are very reasonable, too, I thought. So if you hankering after that English treat you can now indulge your craving right here at home without having to beg the next traveller to take pity on you.

UK Emporium, Shop B30, Granada Square, 16 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks 031 5611153 or find them online at