As I don't have any pictures of the Sunset Food Market yet, I thought one of the sunset would have to do.

I am always so excited to hear about a new market in Durban as the current ones have been showcasing such a high quality and variety of products. The latest one is going to be held on Thursday evening from 5pm – 9pm and promises to be a good way to spend a couple of hours. Hosted by the Norwegian Hall in St Thomas Road, the market is called The Sunset Food Market. They are going with a “food from around the world” theme and I think I will be opting out of cooking on Thursday night in favour of a meal at the market.

It has become apparent that KZN has some fabulously talented food producers: from fresh fruit and veg, to jams and jars of pickles, wines, cheese and even truffles, we have been spoilt in recent months and I am hoping to make some new discoveries on Thursday evening. The difference at The Sunset Food Market is that there will be plenty of ready-prepared food as well as the gourmet treats for you to take home.

There will be live entertainment in the tea garden, so you can enjoy the ambience as you devour your delicious delicacies for dinner. I can’t wait!

With Durban’s thriving Indian, Italian and Greek communities, I am sure you will find something to tickle your tastebuds from one of these cultures famous for their culinary talents.

For more information call Barbara on 031 564 5135.