Rickshas are synonymous with Durban and so, it seems fitting that our hop-on hop-off bus tour has been named after these strong, dynamic men who follow a long-standing tradition of pulling tourists along the beachfront. In the early years of Durban’s history, rickshas were one of the principle methods of transport and they operated throughout the fledgling city. The traditional Ricksha is a brightly coloured two seater trap pulled by a man dressed in an elaborate head dress. A Ricksha ride is quite a thrill as they jump, spin and run along the promenade to get you to your destination with as much flair and drama as possible.

The brightly coloured Ricksha bus has been packed with tourists over this festive season and they seemed to be having a great time viewing the city from the vantage point of the top of the open double decker bus. Although there are less heart-stopping moments when the Ricksha suspends himself in the air on the end of his poles, the bus makes up for this inadequacy by giving passengers a guided highlights package of Durban’s major sights.

There are two tours a day, seven days a week on the Ricksha Bus. The first tour runs from 9am – 12pm and the afternoon tour from 1pm – 4pm. Tickets are R50 for adults and R20 for pensioners and under seventeens while children under five ride for free. Tickets are available at Durban Tourism, Tourist Junction and at the co-ordinator’s office at the departure point at Borscombe Terrace. For more information call Jenny Govender at Durban Tourism on 031 322 4188.

It is interesting that many people think that “Ricksha” is in fact “Rickshaw,” so much so that when I went searching for information for this post, the Google search bar filled in “Rickshaw.” If you are looking, I suggest you use the incorrect spelling!

The Ricksha Bus was packed over the Christmas period! I saw it at the garage and employed my trusty BlackBerry camera to take these pics: