Let me outline the background to this post. I was in the library and saw a poster for the Carrol Boyes Design competition. Knowing that some of my regular readers are really creative, I thought I should put it on the ol’ blog. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is 2010’s competition. Who knows why it is still up in the library 7 months after the closing date but that’s Durban for you. I acknowledge idiocy and will endeavour to find out about the next one asap (and phone the library to tell them to take it down. Today.)

Carrol Boyes things are in the kitchen when I dream. The beautiful, quirky designs and heavy pewter really appeal to me. The annual Carrol Boyes design competition is on now and this year you have to design a vase. Now, although I love her designs, I am under no illusion that I could create something which would impress her. You, on the other hand, probably could. Why not try? See the details below: