As you know, I am in Melbourne, Australia, for a few weeks visiting my sister who is living here at the moment. I have been so impressed with the city – it is modern but with lots of beautiful old architecture, which has been beautifully preserved. It is a seaside town, so in its way a lot like Durbs. The beach is a big attraction and there are many beachfront restaurants with views of the breakers. The city is set on the banks of the Yarra River and there are plenty of green areas and trees in town, which add to its charm. The city has the paradox of intricate Victorian buildings sitting right alongside ultra-modern skyscrapers. Melbourne is known for its shopping arcades and they are certainly worth exploring. Lots of little boutiques and coffee shops are to be found inside these grand old structures which have gorgeous tiles and filigreed stonework edged by stained glass windows.

The thing that has struck me most is how friendly and relaxed everyone is. There doesn’t seem to be a grump among them, even though we have had exceptionally hot weather over the last few days.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I think I will let you see a bit of Melbourne for yourself: