This is my friend, Bryan, coming at us at 120kph.

He asked me to send this one to his mom. I think she must have had a heart attack.

Big Rush Urban Adrenalin has developed a new way to get your blood pumping with the world’s first skyscraper freefall. Called The BIG RUSH Mount Blanc Elevator, adrenalin junkies are winched slowly to the top of the building, 37 floors up. This gives you a chance to appreciate the great view – and get a sense of how far you are about to fall! Just as you wonder whether this was just a chance to see Durban from above, you are dropped, reaching speeds of 120km/hour as you fall towards the ground below.

How do you stop? According to the websitestopping is achieved by a combination of a huge electric motor, made with pride in Australia,  and double Danish brakes, which function independently. Reassuring, eh?”

I think it sounds absolutely terrifying and will not be trying it any time soon, but I thought there might be some of you who find your heart racing in anticpation at just the thought of hurling yourself off a 37 storey building.

You can book online or at their “Base Camp” at Mount Blanc at 51 O.R.Thambo (Marine)Parade, South Beach. They are open from 8am until 7pm everyday, depending on the weather. For more information call 031 332 3250.