Whenever friends come to Durban and ask where to go out for dinner, Spiga d’Oro is top of my list of suggestions. Situated in Florida Road, Spiga has a fabulous atmosphere at any time of the day  – or night. Open until 3am, it is the perfect place to stop for a bite at any time. The restaurant is run by an Italian family whose passion for their food and culture is evident in the high quality of the meals and the attention to detail they pay to all aspects of the business.

Spiga has recently expanded, which ups your chances of a table considerably. There is no booking so if there is not a table available, you’ll have to wait – not a problem at Spiga as you can lean on a tall cafe table and watch the passing parade up and down busy, trendy Florida Road. You could also take a walk to another of the area’s bars for a drink and let the buzzer each waiting customer is issued with summon you when your table is ready. Obviously, you have to stay in the vacinity of the restaurant for this to work, but the range of the device is quite large and it is very effective.

Waiting for a table is certainly worth it as the food at Spiga is fabulous. Reasonable priced and generous portions of good, wholesome and innvoative Italian food put Spiga on the map and has kept them there for many years. The staff are friendly and accommodating and if people have anything bad to say about the restaurant, I have yet to hear it.

The menu also features one of my favourite desserts: a chocolate volcano. This heavenly concotion is a domed chocolate cake which ooozes hot, melted chocolate from its centre when you dig in. This dessert has been known to warrant an afternoon visit to Spiga for tea and cake.

So for great food, a vibey atmosphere and reasonable prices, Spiga is top of my list. Oh and you can get take aways, too!

Spiga d’Oro is at 200 Florida Road. Call them on 031 303 9511. Do it.

Pictures courtesy of http://www.dining-out.co.za/member_details-MemberID-2475.html