Wow, what a weekend! We had an absolute blast at U2’s 360 Degrees concert on Friday night. The stage was phenomenal and the atmosphere electric. We sang and danced like three year olds at a Barney show and had a ball. One of the criticisms I have heard is that there were people who didn’t know the songs. We downloaded the set list and made a CD so we would know the Magnificents as well as the Beautiful Days and it was a really good move which added to our enjoyment of the night.  70 000 people in one place singing to the same song is an awe inspiring experience and one that I won’t soon forget and I refuse to ruin the memory by ruminating about some of the things which may not have been perfect. Suffice to say, I am delighted to have been there to see one of my favourite bands ever, live in my own country.

The next day we were quite tired and thought a leisurely lunch in the winelands would be a good way to spend a Saturday. Through a series of fortunate events, we were in the right place at the right time and we met Bono on Saturday afternoon while U2 was lunching at La Motte Wine Farm in Franschoek.

I was standing at what I thought was a discreet distance away, trying to catch a shot of Bono signing a bottle of wine which my friend, Dietlyn, was trying to get to the table via a body-guard when a strongly Irish-accented voice implored me to “please stop trying to take photographs. When they are relaxing having a meal is the one time we ask people to repspect thier privacy.” Being a certified nerd, who never puts a foot out of line, I was mortified as I turned around. I opted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and explained that my friend was trying to get an autograph for a passionate U2-fan friend of ours and that if she succeeded I had to get a photograph of the bottle being signed otherwise she would never believe it. We then proceeded to chat more as it became apparent that he was with the band. We spoke about South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s health and the time I spent living in Ireland in 2004. He told me that he has been with U2 for years and that they have noticed huge changes in South Africa since touring here in 1998.

Dietlyn started coming towards us and I held my breath as I realised that she had been refused an autograph. Fortunately, she was gracious in her defeat and said that she completely understood that everyone, including rock stars deserved a break. At that magnanimous statement, my Irish friend (I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t ask his name) said that he would see what he could do about getting our wine signed if we waited by a certain tree and thus the following unfolded:

U2 having lunch and a break after an amazing concert in Cape Town the night before.

The closest we thought we'd get to a picture with U2. Little did we know...

Waiting at the tree as per instructions.

"Please excuse me. I have some important ladies to talk to here" - Bono!

That's us - and BONO! EEK! Very surreal moment.

He gave each of us a huge hug.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Asking him to sign the wine bottle.

He made time to joke with the crowd which had formed by now.

Looking for a "Sharpie" as the ballpoint wouldn't work on the bottle's label.

As promised, he signed the wine. The man on the left in the black shirt is the hero of our adventure.

How is this for a background on your BlackBerry? Crazy!

Bono and The Edge's autograph.

Bono's autograph.

Special mention must be made of my altruistic husband who forfeited having his photo taken with Bono in order to shoot all of us. He did get to shake Bono’s hand, though. I knew we were going to have a fabulous weekend in Cape Town but this was incredible. Certainly an unforgettable experience for Durban Diva.