Firstly, I have to say that the Wholefoods Market at Colombo last night was fabulous. You would have known you were in the right place by opening your car window and smelling the aromas wafting out of the factory and up Gale Street. There was a great turnout, I think, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves surrounded by good food, a jovial vibe and some jazzy sounds. I failed in epic fashion by taking my camera without its memory card and then, running out of money, which I didn’t realise until I had ordered a chocolate cupcake. Very embarassing. Don’t miss out on the next one on Thursday 7 April. I’ll be there for sure, with memory card in and wallet full.

One of the things I bought so that my money disappeared was this rose petal cordial. It has been my Summer drink for a couple of months since the Christmas Market at Green with Envy and it is divine. I mix it with Sprite Zero but you can do as the label says and mix it with soda water and vodka, too. Find it at the home industries in Windemere Centre or at the next Wholefoods Market.

On to today’s thoughts: Durban is well-known for its idyllic weather (bar Summer’s humidity). This is the time of year when it is really spectacular. Long warm days give way to balmy evenings and there is seldom a rain cloud to be seen. This weekend there is an event which will allow you to take real advantage of this weather: Prime Circle are playing at Botanic Gardens on Sunday afternoon. Prime Circle are high energy makers of regte rock music and have a huge following in KZN as their regular sold-out shows at The Barnyard have proven. The Botanic Gardens is a relaxed setting for an afternoon out soaking up some sunshine on the grass, which most of us don’t do enough of. In short Prime Circle + Botanic Gardens + perfect Durban weather + Rose Cordial and Sprite Zero = an ideal Sunday outing.

Early bird tickets will be on sale for R100 from or from the Info Centre at the Botanic Gardens. If you leave it until the day, you’ll pay R120 at the door. Kids between 6 and 12 pay only R20. The concert starts at 2:30.