My favourite Saturday morning breakfast spot is undoubtedly Market in Gladys Mazibuko Road (you may know it as Marriot Road). This restaurant is cool, both literally and figuratively. Let’s deal with literally first: no matter how hot it is, Market always seems to be an oasis of coolth. I think it is a combination of the airy courtyard, trickling fountain and dappled shade from the leopard trees. In the figurative sense of ‘cool,’ Market is comfortable chic with a European cafe-style outdoor area and well designed interior with some interesting features such as the bright yellow bistro couches lining the walls and the bare bulbs which serve as lighting.

Now, we all know that no matter how trendy and pleasant the surroundings, what really matters at a restaurant is the food and Market’s is usually good. I often have the French Toast, which is delish and my hubby has tried several items on the menu. Some he loves and others he is less enthusiastic about. After two visits where there was no rosti, he finally hit the luck and was able to order it and it proved to be a disappointment. It may have beeen the build up, though… The coffee is great and the freshly squeezed juices very refereshing, though. Market is also open in the evenings when they do a gourmet menu which changes regularly. Lit up with hundreds of fairy lights which reflect in the water, I can’t think of a more romantic spot for a special dinner.

The European pavement cafe atmosphere of the outdoor area is enhanced by the shops which flank the courtyard. Leigh Schubert’s showroom is one of them and it is always a treat to browse amongst her cloth confections. I also often find a treasure at Nauhaus, which stocks homeware, gifts and jewellery with an antiquey feel to it, some of which is authentic.

I am always surprised that so few people seem to know of this little gem of an eatery and now that you have been informed, go and enjoy a reprieve from the heat while it’s still Summer. Call them on 031 309 8581 for bookings or enquiries.