Woza Moya is a community-based NGO which assists people living with HIV/AIDS in numerous ways. One of the most well-known of their initiatives is the empowerment of the women of the area through the creation of jobs making beaded crafts.

One of the most popular of the Woza Moya crafts are the Little Traveller dolls. Each attached to a safety pin, these beautifully made beaded dolls are miniature in size but convey so much about our country and have been seen pinned to coats, bags, blouses and hats. They have many different outfits: some wear the South African flag as a dress, others are dressed to perform at the Moulin Rouge and others carry tiny handbags. Each Little Traveller seems to have a personailty of it’s own and each has its own passport for you to record where it has travelled with you.

Woza Moya has been given shop space in Windemere Centre until 11 July. You will find them on the bottom floor near The Bridal Shop. If you are looking for something to post to friends or relatives overseas, a Little Traveller is perfect. The shop also stocks other crafts with a distinctly South African feel so pop in before 11 July.

You can also learn more about Wozy Moya on their website www.wozamoya.org.za