I loved the concept of Wakaberry Frozen Yoghurt bar as soon as I walked in! You get to fill up your own cup with frozen yoghurt and then pile on as many toppings as you like and then pay by weight. How clever is that? You don’t have to stand at the counter hoping that the attendant can see the hunger in your eyes/greed/addiction to chocolate sauce and put enough on – at Wakaberry you can put on as much as you like.

At R10/100g, the price is reasonable too. The yoghurt comes in several mouthwatering flavours and there are tubs and tubs filled with toppings. From liquorice all-sorts to strawberries, fudge to nuts, healthy to decadent, you are sure to find whatever you fancy to top off your treat.

Wakaberry is in the old Bank Gallery building in Florida Road (217 to be exact) and it is well worth a visit. There are plenty of comfy seats and a kiddies’ play area so you are able to sit and savour your serving (and perhaps give in to your temptation for another helping…)