My discovery of the month at the i♥market was i love bokkie’s fun items and I was delighted when Wendy said I could use some of her gorgeous pics to let you all know about her creative products.

 The first item which caught my eye at the i love bokkie stall was the Africa-shaped whiteboard, a few of which will be winging their way across the oceans come Christmas to friends and family of mine living away from the motherland.

Their stall made me wish that I had children as their tiny little animal-shaped hangers, animal face place mats and personable Ellie the elephant drawing table (how clever is this!?) were almost irresistible and I am sure that if I were a mom, I would not have been able to fight the urge to take them home.

I love bokkie does cater for adults, too and I loved their bokkie inspired bookshelf and beautiful, ethereal lamps.

For more information about i love bokkie’s quirky creations, head on over to their blog.