St Peter's Basilica in Rome - the biggest church in the world

The Colloseum

The home of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, the pretty little city of Verona

Beautiful Swizerland

Prague - what a maginificent city!

Oxford - the bicycle is as iconic as the bridge!

Paragliding - the best experience ever! Anyone know if you can do it in KZN?

Mozart is everywhere in Vienna.

Well, we are back in Durbs after a month in Europe! We had a fantastic time and I loved every minute of seeing the sights in cities I have dreamed about visiting for years.  I can confirm that Durban has the best weather in the world – some European countries’ summers boast our winter temperatures and my coat was my most well-worn item of clothing. Things are expensive overseas as well and I love the fact that I know where to find a bargain in my home town!

It is very good to be home and getting back into the swing of things.

There are lots of interesting things on the go in our lovely city so pop back over the next few days for more about the Durban Film Festival, the Good Food and Wine Show, a great deal on Street Scene Tours and lots of news about Durbanites doing exciting things.

Hope you enjoy these images of the wonderful places we were lucky enough to visit!

The South African flag flying proudly with the Monagasque flag a week before the Royal Wedding

Venice from above.

Amsterdam was the city I would most like to live in (besides Durbs, of course)

Venice blew me away - there's no where else like it.

Gondolas in Venice

Venice from above

The Bridge of Sighs - I found the fact that this famous sight has been turned into a giant ad campaign a bit disconcerting. Is there nothing sacred from the rampant consumerism of our world?

Seeing the Eiffel Tower was like seeing a celebrity in real life. Wow!

The intricate architecture of Notre Dame fascinated me

10 lanes of traffic come together at the Arc de Triomphe and there are no lines, or rules it seems...

The French Riviera was absolutely stunning (and the first place we saw the sun!)