I think that all regular readers of Durban Diva will know that I have loved the i heart market since it first began in a church hall in Windemere Road with fewer stalls and far fewer fans! I am glad to see that the concept is still evolving at that, this month, in addition to the usual unique, interesting and lovingly made items that will be on sale, there will be two new additions to the market.

The first is going to be one I will definitely make use of: The Man Corner. To wipe that quizzical look from your brow, I will confirm that I am a Diva, but not a queen… I am going to make use of The Man Corner as a bribe to get my husband to interrupt whatever Saturday morning adventures we find ourselves on (since we’re moving these will probably involve hardware stores and boxes) to visit the market. How can any man resist the promise of  a place to “hang out, play backgammon, talk about their beards, buy men stuff, swop man clutter, play TV games”? Heck, I even think it sounds like fun. So, this Saturday you don’t need to promise to buy every foodstuff on sale at the market to reel your other half in, you just need to whisper “TV games…”

The other possible impediment to happy browsing is a child or two. Now, I don’t have any of these but can understand that moms would be far more relaxed whilst trawling the stalls without having to keep an eye on a littlie in the crowds. So, coming to this same conclusion, the i heart market has added a Kiddies’ Corner, too. The inimitable Wart & Fish will be running the area, keeping kids entertained with games like Baker-Baker, fish and dip, egg toss and candy craft. (I also think this sounds like fun!)

Another drawcard for August is some old-school vinyl being played by Cheap Thrills and St(e)ak which always adds to the generally retro, community market atmosphere at the DLI on i heart days.

So, instead of leaving the hubby and kids at home this month bring them along to the market – they’ll probably be the ones begging to go in September!

To remind those who are not men or kiddies of what’s on offer at the market for you, here are some pics I snapped in June:

The i heart market is on at the DLI Hall in the middle of Greyville Racecourse. Go straight down Gladys Mazibuko (Marriot Road) and don’t stop until you see it on your right. It’s on from 9:00 – 14:00 but I recommend going as early as possible as it is VERY popular these days.