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I am so excited to be attending the November i heart market tomorrow morning as it is the first time I will see the the new Moses Mabhida venue. Apparently it is much more spacious, which will be great for taking photographs.

The i heart market is really one of the highlights of my month and those of you who are thinking “her life is clearly not that exciting, then” are:

a.) male (See 1 below)

b.) a person who has never actually been to the i heart market (See 2 below)

c.) a recluse (See 3 below)

d.) all of the above (See 1,2 and 3 below)

1. There is an exciting spot at the i heart called the Man Corner where they have many things to delight the sensiblities of gentlemen. From backgammon to TV games and a second hand stall there is something to entertain the men.

2. If you haven’t been, you really must – there are a myriad diffrent stalls stocked full of treats, edible and otherwise, to entice you and I think that the i heart market is the best place possible to do your Christmas shopping. If the first week of November is way too early to start thinking about gift shopping for you, think about the fact that there are Christmas trees in Checkers already and that may wake you up to the fact that there are only  49 shopping days left until 25 December!

3. The i heart market is filled with the friendliest souls you’d ever wish to meet and one of the lovliest things about it is that you are able to chat to the people who actually make the products at their stalls which makes this a much more personal and fun shopping experience than your average jaunt to Gateway.

There. I hope I have convinced you. Here is my last persuasive note – pictures from markets past. Enjoy!