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Table Magic is one of the best ideas I have come across in ages -a website which facilitates online restaurant bookings – and it’s arrived in Durban.

Table Magic makes organising your evening out as easy as choosing your favourite restaurant, deciding on the date and time and clicking ‘book’. Table Magic then sends you an email within a few minutes confirming your booking.

The site also has restaurant reviews, details of specials and links to their websites.

You can earn points towards rewards such as a bottle of wine with your meal, or eventually a free meal by booking through Table Magic, too – saving you the hassle of  phoning and rewarding you.

I have used Table Magic on several occasions already and the service is billiant. On Valentine’s Day we had a change of plans and were looking for a restaurant at very short notice. After trying to book a few restaurants, Table Magic sent me a personal email apologising for not being able to accommodate us and offering to let us know of any cancellations. At 18:00 they emailed again to say that no-one had cancelled (who would have on Valentine’s Day?) so that we could make other plans. I felt that this was excellent service and was really pleased that they made the effort to treat me with such respect despite the fact that I was the fool trying to find a restaurant at 15:00 on Valentine’s Day.

Try Table Magic at www.tablemagic.co.za You’re sure to fall under their spell, too.