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I am really proud of my table all set for a happy, laughing, caring dinner with some special friends. I normally like to do something more fussy and quirky than this table setting but I actually loved the elegant simplicity of the white and sliver here.

I pulled out all the ‘good stuff’ and we spoke about this at length. Life is too short to keep the crystal glasses in a dark cupboard. They were made to catch the light and sparkle. We all resolved to have sweet dreams on our best linen, enjoy the luxury of those special bath smellies and use our best tea sets for just our mums, who are, as Deidre pointed out, more important to us than the queen.

I have also resolved to not be the usual Durbanite and be more social – the next person who I run into, watch out, because when I say “let’s get together sometime” you’ll be getting a call from me!