I have become a bit of a slave to the internet and am vaugely considering a de-tox from everything except blogging and researching articles. My list of daily must-read blogs is becoming longer and longer and I find myself frequently surfacing in a daze from the nooks and crannies of the interwebs having added another eleventy-five or so sites to my favourites.

It is not surprising then, I am sure, that I have a rather long list of gorgeous things to show you over the next few Wednesdays. My selection today was based the thing that has most delighted me with it’s originality:

Is that not the most magnificent thing you have ever seen? The bouquet is made out of vintage brooches and jewellery and it is, to me, just perfect. I collect brooches, and vintage brooches in particular, so this really appeals to me. These were made by Debbie Carlisle in the UK and cost lots of money but I can’t help sighing at the sight of them…

What do you think? A worthy thing to be wishing for this Wednesday?