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Well, the weather is top of everyone’s mind today and I must say that sitting in my study looking out across Durban North, it really is quite hard to ignore.

The rain is pelting down in huge drops which peter out into sheets of drizzle that are blown sideways by the gusting wind. As if that’s not enough, the clouds are racing through the sky giving us moments of dazzling sunshine which are bright enough to cast shadows and cause quivering reflections in puddles.

We woke up to no electricity this morning and suddenly, us Durbanites had to contemplate what it is like to live in other parts of the country. 10 degrees, pitch dark at 6am and pouring with rain is not in our comfort zone. We’ve all got on with it, though. The power’s back and I am holed up drinking tea, tea and more tea to stave off the icy fingers of cold air that are trying to caress me as I sit at my computer. Daisy the daschhund is, for the first time ever, happy to be wearing her fluffy pink jersey (the hole is as a result of her trying to remove it the last time we put it on her.)


Durban in the rain is a miserable place as we are so geared for gorgeous weather. There are a few fun things to do if the rain hangs around this weekend, though:

Seether is playing at the Wavehouse tonight. It is undercover, apparently, so don’t cancel your plans to go.

The Factory Cafe at Colombo Tea and Coffee Co is open from 8:00 – 16:30 on Friday and 9:00 – 14:00 on Saturday so go along and sample some of their divine hot beverages. You can play a board game or two while you’re there.

Kloof really comes into its own in weather like this. Take a drive up to Makaranga and have a drink in their cosy Library Bar or have a meal at the Bellevue Cafe which is both cosy and has a view of the rain.

The Lighthouse Bar at the Oyster Box is another favourite spot of mine – on a stormy day, the view of the ocean is magnificent.

Obviously, the best way to take advantage of the weather, though, is to drive up to the Midlands and frolick in the snow. From what I can find out, Nottingham Road is a winter wonderland and they expect it to last until tomorrow.

Have a lovely Women’s Day however you choose to spend it.