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It seems that lots of people are being directed to my blog in the hopes of finding some enlightenment on what to wear to Madame Zingara and so, I thought it a good idea to write a quick post sharing my thoughts on this sartorial riddle.

There is one rule for dressing for Madame Zingara and that is anything goes. The gents in my party were all in their suits but there was a man in a tutu, braces and a swan made out of tinfoil on his head. It is one of the greater regrets of my life that I was unable to capture his image to share with you. (There are various reasons including poor light and lack of the brazeness that would have been required.) My point, however, is that if there is a man wearing a homemade waterfowl sculpture as a hat, there’s not really much in the way of rules now is there?

As for the ladies, I would use this as one of the few opportunities Durban presents for dressing up. There were girls in jeans and heels and others in floor-length gowns. Accessories are also encouraged and feather boas, masks and oversized glasses abound.

The waiters and waitresses are generally dressed up in full fancy dress from pirates to fairies and it might be an idea to choose a theme for your party to add to the fun.

If you arrive and find you feel underdressed, there is a shop filled with hats and props to make your outfit a little more over-the-top and add some Zingara zing. The most important thing is that you go intending to enjoy yourself. The show is really very good, the atmosphere is upbeat and the food, excellent – you will love it whether you are in a tux or a t-shirt.