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My brilliant husband has hit on a great idea for a new Durban business: a centre for extra lessons in Durban called UP-Grade.

We have both been school teachers and realise the great demand for good quality extra lessons. Brett has decided to fill this gap by providing high quality extra tuition to Durban students in a friendly, positive environment where they are encouraged to give of their best and reach their full potential at school. We’re looking for qualified, talented and passionate teachers to come and teach for an hour, two hours or perhaps even ten hours a week at UP-Grade Extra Tuition.

UP-Grade will take care of all the administration so that teachers can focus on teaching and encouraging students to work to the best of their ability in an environment that is tailored to making learning as productive as possible.

Students will be given tailored-made extra tuition to complement and enhance their classroom learning. Parents will be able to choose between one-on-one lessons, two students or a group lesson of a maximum of five students.

If you’re interested in sending your child to UP-Grade Extra Tuition, or are an excellent teacher who may be keen to join our team, visit our website at www.up-grade.co.za, send us an email on brett@up-grade.co.za or call UP-Grade on 073 720 5585. Please spread the word to your friends and family, too!

I’d also be really grateful if you’d click through even if you’re not interested at all as we can do with as many visits as possible to push us up the google rankings.