About Durban Diva



Aka Candice Botha, I am a fulltime freelance writer who day dreams of a life less ordinary.  I have my own copywriting, editing and proofreading business as well as contributing features to local and national publications both in print and online. I grew up in Durbs-by-the-sea then escaped to Cape Town and Ireland for a few years before coming home. My time away has made me acutely aware of Durban’s uniqueness (that is deliberately ambiguous) and I have recently felt compelled to share my musings and mitherings about my home town with the world. I do hope that you will pop in regularly for a taste of Durban. I intend to keep you updated on interesting events so if you know of anything or are hosting something exciting, please get in touch so that I can post about it. 


6 thoughts on “About Durban Diva”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on our store! I am so glad that you like it! Always good to find someone that love durbs as much as I do!

  2. Candice I must commend you on a great site. I pop on from time to time when I’m feeling all nostalgic about sunny ‘ol Durbs! I’m so glad to see you living your dream and just say that I’m inspired by your courage!
    Take care. Romy

    • Thanks so much, Romy! I’m glad it makes you smile! Hoping to see you at the reunion on the 4th of December, otherwise we must get together when I’m next in Cape Town. x

  3. Thank you Candice for such a lovely write up on the new bags! You’re a wiz!
    x Vicki
    Victoria Verbaan& the smoking daxi

  4. Thank you Candice for such a lovely write up on the new bags! You’re a wiz!
    x Vicki
    Victoria Verbaan & the Smoking Daxi

  5. Hi Candice,
    Con Amore is having an evening for Durban Bloggers on the 26th May 2011 @ 6pm, if you are interested in attending please pop me a mail on candice@conamorehome.com we would love for Durban Diva to be there
    With Love

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